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How to choose the most cost-effective Airfreight Services

The transportation of goods via airfreight is a most highly favored means of shipment, due to its expediency and directness. The amount of time that a shipment can take to reach its international destination by air is generally far less than the time it would take for a shipment to arrive by ocean freight. However, there can be a greater cost factor involved with air transportation. This is why our customers choose Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd when it comes to their air freight services requirements, whether it is door to door or port to port. The combination of the most competitive pricing, along with logistic perfection, ensures that a client’s shipment results will meet or exceed their expectations and help them attain their business goals.

What factors make up an excellent airfreight service?

When searching for an air freight services provider to expedite your shipment, there are several items that you should be investigating and questioning. The first thing that you would want to know is, “Does the company provide all the service options that would be needed to effectively complete the shipping assignment?” With Malaquay Logistics, all you need to do is to look over the services that we offer and it will quickly become apparent that everything that would be needed, to get your cargo to its final destination, is readily available, including airport customs clearance, documentation, etc

The next thing that you will want to ascertain is, “How will I know if I’m choosing the right air freight forwarding services options and procedures to ship my aircargo?” Rather than just taking an order and picking it up for delivery, Malaquay Logistics will work closely with you so that you can become aware of all your options and make informed choices based on conversations with our air freight logistics experts. Finally, the actual results are perfect indicators of an air transport company’s value. This information is easily obtained just by requesting customer references. At Malaquay Logistics, our goal is to have clientele that use our services on a repeat basis. This can only be achieved with satisfied customers who know good value!

What are the benefits of Malaquay Logistics air freight services?

  • Multiple carrier options
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Competitive rates
  • Major airline association
  • An established network of multiple gateways for daily cargo transport

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