Break Bulk Services

Details on Our Break Bulk Services for oversized/odd-sized items

There may be cases when the freight that you’re shipping won’t fit into a standard shipping container. At that point, you’ll want to utilise the options presented by Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd break bulk services. This situation can occur when there is the need to transport an oversized item or an irregularly shaped product that is incompatible with a rectangular shipping container. At Malaquay Logistics, we can provide a wide selection of flat rack containers, trailers and shipping containers (20ft, 40ft and 45ft). In addition, we have experienced shipping experts with many years of break bulk shipping experience that will facilitate the world-wide transportation that your organisation requires. With our break bulk services, the transportation of heavy and large cargo is not a problem. Along with these services, our break bulk shipping can supply:breakbulk

  • Packing of any size item
  • Custom size crating
  • over-sized item (or heavy load) pickup and delivery
  • Customs clearance document preparation
  • On-site supervision
  • Storage/warehousing
  • Marine insurance
  • All logistics planning

The goal of Malaquay Logistics’ break bulk services is to make any size break bulk shipment situation as simple and easy as the shipment of regular sized cargo. Our selection of air freight and sea freight options is the result of our direct networking with airlines, sea transport lines, customs agencies, warehousing facilities and other shipping intermediates.

At Malaquay Logistics, we also understand that the nature of your freight may require the overseeing of your cargo as it’s being loaded onto a ship. This is just another service that we can provide in addition to our break bulk services in order to put our client’s freight forwarding concerns to rest. In addition, marine insurance can also be obtained and we provide all necessary documentation. This will include any special permits that are required for your shipment.

Malaquay Logistics offers a world-wide, predictable and frequent break bulk services with additional ports available upon request. There are a number of different break bulk handling procedures that we can initiate, as well. These procedures are being modified on an on-going basis as well as the addition of new procedures.

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