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What do you want to look for when it comes to cargo shipping?

Cargo Shipping Services SingaporeIt doesn’t matter what your company requirements are, when it comes to shipping your products, there just can’t be any compromise! Face it – your company can have state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and the absolute finest artisans and engineers available today. But if your product is sitting on a loading dock, somewhere, you might as well not be in business at all! This is why our clients choose Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd for their cargo shipping services needs.

An overview of Malaquay Logistics’ cargo shipping services

Our cargo shipping services options are designed to offer a complete menu of export and import that will expedite your products and remove any ‘guesswork’ from your shipping expectations. The reasons for this are directly related to the partnerships that we form with our clients so that their current and future expectations become our own. When this is coupled with solid connections with customs agents, carriers and freight expeditors across the globe, this translates into pinpoint and reliable accuracy that will transport and deliver your goods according to your schedule – anytime and anywhere. For a free quote, contact us today at 6795 1154.

Why choose Malaquay Logistics for your international cargo shipping?

Whether you’re shipping overseas or closer to home, our cargo shipping services are renowned for their exceptional level of professionalism which includes assistance with each agency that you may encounter along the way. This means no unnecessary delays that can mean all the difference in your bottom line. This includes licenses and any required paperwork which we make sure stays with the shipment point of origin to final cargo acceptance, as well as providing the right cargo containers such as a 20-footer, 40-footer or 45-footer.

At Malaquay Logistics, we insist on hiring the most experienced and well-trained cargo experts who are expected to pay attention to each and every detail of the entire shipping process. We leave nothing to chance, when it comes to your company’s needs as they relate to freight packing, crating, transport and storage, regardless of the type of commodities, whether it is heavy machineries, pipes, medical devices or perishable food, etc.

What are the benefits of choosing Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd?

Call 6659 2090 today and we will go over exactly what your company’s cargo shipping needs are and discuss the best strategic approach. Don’t leave your cargo shipping to chance! We’re here to help you reach your goals.

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