Cargo Storage and Warehousing

Securing a Professional Warehousing and Cargo Storage Solution

outsource warehousing, temporary storage, permanent storageWhen it comes to exemplary professional cargo storage and warehousing services, Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd provides the care that you need to ensure that your product are stored properly and arrives safely – anywhere and anytime. We employ the latest inventory management tools that give us absolute control over cargo shipments on a worldwide basis with options to redistribute and supplement your cargo. By employing this method of warehousing control, we are able to trim down the cycle time without sacrificing our customer’s constant product availability. In addition, we can accommodate specialized warehousing arrangements for hazardous, containerized, climate controlled materials and situations or sensitive equipment such as medical devices.

The services that we provide at Malaquay include sufficient private cargo storage and warehousing that is properly insured along with strict control checks for product entry and exit. We also endeavor to assist our clients with the reduction of fixed overheads while offering the highest level of efficiency. This will streamline the amount of time needed for cargo management. In addition, we provide facilities that operate under the highest level of security with every precautionary measure pertaining to fire, wind damage and other hazard concerns.

Malaquay Logistics can also provide customized warehousing solutions along with warehousing logistics management and other shipping and receiving services that will take the headaches out of transporting and storing your products. We are experienced in handling every detail of freight logistics, packing/cargo containers, necessary paperwork, legal requirements, pickup/delivery and every other aspect associated with cargo transportation. This is why our clients trust us to be on top of every detail of the shipments that have been entrusted to us, be it for airfreight, sea freight or cargo storage and warehousing. Another huge benefit that Malaquay provides is a single point of contact with the same person. This means that there is no waiting around for emails, call-backs from different departments or other frustrating and time wasting exercises.

Call 6659 2090 today and we’ll review the logistics behind your company’s airfreight and sea freight cargo storage and warehousing needs. At the same time, we can go over an approach to your shipping procedures which will be designed to streamline your cargo transportation process and take the stress out of your logistics obligations. You certainly don’t want to leave your warehousing and storage arrangements to chance! Outsource your warehousing needs to us today!

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