Chemical Warehousing

Safe Warehouse Storage of Chemicals

chemical warehousingWhen your company requires chemical warehousing, the primary concern is safety. Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd is known for providing compliant and safe warehousing and storage whenever and wherever you need it. We are experienced with the regulatory and operational requirements that are critical when handling the complete spectrum of chemicals. This includes; gases, poisons, corrosives, oxidizers, flammables as well as non-regulated materials.

Examples of our customers include chemical warehousing for companies that manufacture colorants and inks as well as large manufacturers of paints and pigments, and gases. This entails the storage of raw materials as well as finished goods. All storage materials are to be placed in different rooms that are specifically designed to handle items that are based on the required temperatures and different hazmat classifications. Unlike other types of warehousing, chemical storage relies on exact specifications based on government and state regulations. For your peace of mind and expedited assistance, we provide your company with a single point of contact rather than having you hunt down different individuals.

Companies choose Malaquay for a number of reasons which include our ability to provide people who have experience in chemical warehousing and handling. We have on-site personnel who will maintain proper conditions related to health and environmental safety. In addition, we can meet our customer’s requirements for storage items which include cylinders, cases, pails, drums, bags and totes. In a nutshell, we represent an integrated chemical shipping and storage solution. We do this in order to maintain your product’s integrity throughout the transportation and warehousing procedure.

Call 6659 2090 today and we’ll review the logistics that are required for your company’s outsourcing chemical warehousing and storage needs. At the same time, we can assist you with an approach to your shipping procedures which will be designed to make your freight and legal obligations less stressful. You certainly don’t want to leave your chemical storage arrangements to chance!

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