Container Shipping

Container Shipping by Sea for Import & Export

cargo shipping services, cargo containers, 45 foot containers, 20 ft shipping container, 25 ft shipping container, container shippingNo matter how good your products are or how dedicated your organization is, you won’t be able to effectively compete in the marketplace if you can’t expedite your importing and exporting on a consistent basis. When it comes to arranging product imports and exports throughout the globe, there are many factors to consider. At Malaquay Logistics, we can address your shipping needs that involve a lot more than just setting up sea freight reservations and paperwork. One of the most important items that Malaquay can help you with is the selection and arrangement of container shipping for transporting your freight and cargo by sea.

In general, shipping containers are grouped according to the type of cargo that they carry and protect. These types include; a special purpose container, drum, car carrier, cargo storage roll containers, insulated/thermal container, double-doors containers, open-side storage containers, open top containers, dry storage containers, tunnel containers and a flat rack container.

Malaquay will also assist you in obtaining the perfect size container(s) as well for your container shipping. As such, we can (for example) save you the trouble of modifying your load, if it doesn’t fit in a standard 40 foot container, by obtaining 45 foot containers.

Our wide range of services is one of the reasons why our customers consider Malaquay their “one stop source” of container shipping requirements. In addition, by providing a single point of contact, for our clients, we eliminate the problems associated with needing to track down additional shipping departments. It also eliminates the issues that can arise from adapting to multiple time zones.

Call 6659 2090 now and we’ll be pleased to review your company’s logistics behind your worldwide sea freight container shipping procedures and timeframe, as well as for air freight or land transportation if required. We can go over an approach to your freight procedures which will be designed to streamline your shipping operations and eliminate the time and trouble associated with coordinating your freight obligations. You certainly don’t want to leave your container shipping operations to chance!

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