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Choosing the Best Delivery Services In Singapore

domestic delivery servicesWhen you think of delivery services, you may be thinking of a situation in which you need to make an inconvenient trip to a private business office (or local post office), filling out a bunch of forms and hoping for the best. In no way would you be considering any type of “options” and certainly no way to get your package to its destination that same day! The only real exception to this would be for a company to be sending some documents to a close location, in a city that had couriers who hand deliver small packages and usually ride bicycles. The downsides of that type of service are rather obvious. First of all, let’s say that you had an extremely valuable parcel, like gemstones, for instance. Can you imagine handing that parcel over to some “kid” on a bicycle? Of course not! This is why Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd services are your best choice.

But what about other type of local deliver options? Well, first of all, they don’t offer guaranteed same day delivery. There’s a very good reason for this. Any service that tends to experience problems with completing a same day delivery, or has had such problems in the past, will know better than to offer this type of guarantee. This is understandable, since most local delivery services treat a client’s package as just “one of the bunch” in a typically busy and sometimes “confusing” day. When this happens, it just makes sense to give yourself a “window of error” when dealing with customers. Malaquay Logistics just doesn’t operate that way!

Our delivery services focus on your delivery the same way that you would, if you were making the delivery yourself. This goes far beyond the usual level of care that you would expect from a delivery service. This is the type of service that Malaquay offers with all of our shipping and receiving products. That’s because in today’s business world, expediency translates directly into a company’s reputation. Can you imagine needing a critical machine part or a vital medical instrument delivered, only to hear, “Sorry, we can’t guarantee a same day delivery?” Neither can we.

So, please take the time to call us now! We’re available to go over your domestic delivery services throughout Singapore and any other shipping/receiving questions that you have. This can involve our other services which can encompass any airfreight, sea freight and other types of shipping and warehousing needs.

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