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same day delivery services, door to door delivery servicesMore businesses, these days, are turning to door to door delivery services when they need an extremely time-sensitive package delivered and there just isn’t time to allow for the standard postal system to work. What about private delivery companies? Well, there is something rather disconcerting when they see the stipulation that same day delivery isn’t guaranteed. On one hand, you see why that is, since there are so many parcels that “require” same day delivery. When you’re dealing with an extraordinarily large number of packages, there is always a chance that something can go wrong and a delivery may be side-tracked. This is precisely the reason why a company, like Malaquay, that offers more personalized service, is desired when the need to get a package to its destination on that same day is all-important. This is why more businesses are calling on Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd in order to get the job done right!

The complexity of modern-day business has brought with it some rather interesting situations that demand domestic delivery services that can function within a same day delivery timeframe. A good example of this would be the huge amount of information that can be stored and retrieved through the use of tiny flash drives. These items are definitely not something that you would want to place in an envelope and have it thrown in a pile with a number of other parcels that may or may not get to their destination on time. Malaquay Logistics offers the type of personalized service that will set your mind at ease, when it comes to door to door delivery services.

Or consider a parcel that is worth an extraordinary amount of money. This is not the time when you have to say to yourself that, “At least it’s covered by insurance”. That’s because a valuable package may be covered by insurance, but what about your reputation? What about the time and stress that would be involved in making an insurance claim, explain late deliveries to an upset client or just sitting there wondering if “everything is going to be delivered correctly”? Malaquay door-to door delivery services eliminates those major concerns.

This is why we suggest that you give us call and learn what we have to offer. Plus, door to door delivery services are not the only thing that we offer. If you need help with your shipment logistics, warehouse options and sea, land or air shipping, we can help you with those as well. So, contact us now! When it comes shipping/receiving throughout Singapore, and the rest of the world, discover why we are the choice of so many businesses. We’re there when you need us!

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