Door To Door Freight Services

The Convenience of Door to Door Freight Service

logistics services, freight logistics solutions, door to door freightNot all shipping needs are the same. This is precisely the reason why Malaquay Logistics offers door to door freight services (as well as port-to-door freight services) as a shipping and delivery solution. This type of option is for those companies that wish to reduce costs as well as simplify their shipping logistics while limiting the risk of potential product damage or loss. Another door to door shipping advantage includes the elimination of multiple carrier bills. We do this by leveraging the extent of our air freight and sea freight import and export affiliations, which extend throughout the globe. With this type of option, we can utilize commercial pickup service or residential pickup service in order to deliver goods from any locations that will arrive directly to a client-specified destination’s door.

At Malaquay, we understand that even the best and most productive of companies can occasionally lose a customer through shipping problems associated with cargo import and export. These problems can result from delays to customs issues, poor logistics and just about any other imaginable transportation glitch. Malaquay offers solutions to these predicaments by providing a single point of contact for our customers so that there won’t be any delays associated with attempts to track down multiple individuals. A single contact that is provided in Singapore also eliminates the hassle associated with multiple time zone communications.

Malaquay can also be considered your ‘one-stop’ shipping importing and exporting service due to the fact that apart from providing door to door freight service, we can also arrange for warehousing (including climate control), legal paperwork, shipping containers of every size and every other aspect of freight shipping that may be needed. In addition, a high level of security is provided in order to keep your shipment safe.

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