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New Zealand-Singapore shipping problems

Shipping freight to New Zealand or vice-versa can be challenging. Shipping requirements in the two countries differ. Further, new regulations that modify existing requirements may be passed without your knowledge several days prior to sending your cargo.

With the technicalities of international shipping regulations, you may not be able to stay updated on your own without the assistance of a freight consultant pertaining to your freight to New Zealand. If sending shipment internationally, whether by sea or air shipment, is an essential part of your business, the service of an experienced logistics professional will be crucial to the success of your operation. Customs, for instance, may hold your cargo at the dock or airport due to non-compliance with prevailing air or sea shipment rules. Before you secure clearance from the authorities, your products face the risk of being damaged or stolen.

Solutions to international shipping issues

We know that getting products delivered to the final point of distribution is important to your business. With years in the freight services industry, we have become among the experienced shipping logistics experts in Singapore for expediting freight to New Zealand or from New Zealand. We have assisted clients hurdle the complicated process involved in international shipping.

Meeting shipping regulationsFreight to New Zealand Singapore

We are not only aware of current international freight rules but we also anticipate when changes may happen and how it will impact our clientele for their freight to New Zealand. Whether you import from New Zealand to Singapore or export from Singapore to New Zealand, we make sure that you meet requirements needed to obtain permit for your shipment. The cities in New Zealand that we freight frequently include Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Gisborne, Hamilton, etc.

Taking care of shipping details

Sending freight to New Zealand is not simply a matter of organizing a pickup date, providing payment for the shipment and securing a permit. There are other important particulars that are involved. Whether containerised or break bulk, we take care of various details involved in global logistics and make sure that your shipment has:

  • Insurance to protect against contingencies;
  • Appropriate packing to minimize risk of damage;
  • Warehousing.

Personable service

It is our commitment to provide you a seamless freight forwarding experience. We will be with you throughout the whole stage of the shipment process and work hand in hand with you to ensure that your freight to New Zealand or from New Zealand meet your expectations. We offer a single point of contact so that you can easily obtain information regarding the progress of your shipment.

Call 6659 2090 today and we can discuss your company’s cargo freight to New Zealand by air freight or sea freight. We can go over the best logistics approach that will be designed to help you reach your business goals. Don’t leave your New Zealand cargo shipping to chance!

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