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shipping to philippinesWhen asked as to the most difficult and time consuming aspects of their business, many business owners gave freight arrangements and tracking as their number one answer. This is entirely understandable since this particular business chore involves a number of complexities, all of which need completely accurate coordination. In the middle of so many other normal tasks that a company must engage in, it can certainly be the case when a freight detail can get lost in the shuffle. The end result can truly be devastating, as well. These results can (and often do) include a damaged company reputation, lost clients and a decrease in one’s profit margin. The good news is that these unfortunate results can be totally avoided by engaging the services of Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd, which many companies have already chosen to do for their freight to Philippines.

Whether your company ships to Quezon City, Manila, Cebu City, Davao City or other Philippines destinations, it pays to take a close look at what Malaquay can provide in terms of freight Philippines services. These services go far beyond just picking up a shipment and putting it on a plane or boat. Letting Malaquay take over your importing and exporting needs will mean that you can easily avoid all the common problematic issues associated with your freight necessities. Malaquay can assist you from the very beginning of your shipping process by setting up the most advantageous logistics for your freight to Philippines. And we can provide far more assistance in the form of warehouse arranging, container selection, document filing, land pickup/delivery and quite a few other details. We also ensure that these tasks will meet your budget.

But processing freight to Philippines is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Malaquay can do. We can also extend these same services throughout the globe. But what our customers really appreciate is the fact that we offer them a single contact point! This way, they can forget about time zone differences and hunting down different department personnel when something is needed. So get in touch with us now and make your air freight and sea freight tasks far easier with a perfect level of accuracy.

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