How a freight forwarder helps your shipment

All the freight forwarders offer some services. But make sure that the services should be relevant to your concerns. The freight forwarder you are looking should be able to manage the affairs more than simply the air and sea shipping, which is part of your import or export trade. So it is indispensable that they should be capable enough to handle the road affairs like rail and/or trucking segment of your international shipping.

If in case you only require port to port services in place of door to door shipping, then it won’t be an issue for you. While in the contrary, if you need door to door shipping and the freight forwarder does not have a trucking option, then you will be in a great trouble. Moreover a freight forwarder can help you with things like warehousing and distribution.

However, there are some more value added services you may get from your freight forwarder. Make sure if they are dealing with the cargo insurance. Of course, shipment tracking better be among their services for maintaining your peace of mind. You can judge the competence and seriousness of services as how quickly does the freight forwarder get back to you on the queries regarding your freight rate request.

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