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What is the Best International Freight Method for Businesses?

There are a number of available cargo shippingblank-world-map smaller methods out there. However, one that has been shown to be consistently stellar, in its achievements, is Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd, an international freight forwarder based in Singapore. The reasons for this are obvious, when one looks over their composite list of international freight forwarding options. The first thing that you’ll notice is the diversity of our offered services. With uncompromising efficiency and accuracy, Malaquay’s international integrated freight logistics Singapore based services, can send your shipment, by either air freight, sea freight or by land from any corner of the globe to and from Singapore. In order to accomplish this task, we employ a seasoned team of veteran planners and shipping experts, each of whom has a notable history when it comes to discerning the most cost effective and expedient route and method of assuring that your cargo arrives on time and in perfect condition!

Beyond your actual global freight logistics air and sea options, Malaquay Logistics can also assist you with every other aspect of your cargo shipping needs as an international freight forwarder, such as:

As an international freight forwarder, the only way to meet your cargo transportation needs, in the most competitive way possible, is to take a complete global freight logistics approach from setting up air, sea and land shipments to the actual company budget expenditures. This way, clients will feel comfortable, knowing that they don’t have to look any further for product transporting assistance. At Malaquay Logistics, this is what we’re noted for!

We frequently help our clients freight to and from:

Asia: Brunei | Cambodia | China | Hong Kong | India | Indonesia | Japan | Laos | Macau | Malaysia | Maldives | Mongolia | Myanmar | Nepal | Pakistan | Philippines | South Korea | Sri Lanka | Taiwan | Thailand | Vietnam

Europe: Albania | Austria | Belgium | Bulgaria | Croatia | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Iceland | Italy | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Russia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Ukraine | United Kingdom

Oceania: Australia | Fiji | New Zealand | Papua New Guinea | Solomon Islands | Samoa

America: Argentina | Brazil | Canada | Chile | Costa Rica | Ecuador | Guatemala | Honduras | Panama | Paraguay | Peru | Mexico | USA | Venezuela

Middle East: Bahrain | Dubai | Egypt | Jordan | Kuwait | Oman | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Turkey | UAE | Yemen

Africa: Algeria | Angola | Ethiopia | Ghana | Kenya | Libya | Mauritius | Morocco | Seychelles | South Africa | Sudan | Uganda

How does one get started, when it comes to setting up their international freight?

Well, that’s the best part of Malaquay Logistics. In many cases, a company will need to deal with various aspects of their own shipment details. Usually, this would be done in order to save money. We know that it can be an unfortunate scenario, should a shipment leave or arrive late. This can be especially true in situations where either multiple destinations or complex timing schedules are involved, without the service of an international freight forwarder. When you give us a call, we will go over your total global freight logistics requirements, devise a plan to expedite your needs and go over all the details at your convenience.

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