Local Delivery Service

When You Need a Local Delivery Service

domestic delivery services, van delivery serviceWhen the subject of “shipping” comes up, many different things may come to mind. For example, you might think of a huge sea-going vessel delivering crates of merchandise to far-flung parts of the world. Or you might imagine loading cargo onto a plane and all the details that are necessary when it comes to customs and other conceivable issues that are associated with that form of shipping. You may even think of tractor trailer vehicles that speed throughout the day and night as they set their sights on an on-time delivery. But how often have you thought of a local delivery service which will transport some furniture or a small cargo to where you want it to go – today? At Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd, we provide “all of the above.”

The reason for this rests with the fact that a successful business can rely on many different factors when it comes to pleasing clients and establishing a sound reputation. Whether it’s the delivery of a major piece of large machinery or a necessary part, the size of an average person’s thumb, there are virtually no limits to the scenarios that involve mission critical aspects of business. Malaquay Logistics is set up to ensure that every detail of business/personal shipping & receiving is achieved in the most expedient and cost effective manner possible! This involves our world-wide shipping as well as local delivery service to the other end of town. Anything can be critical when given the right situation and context.

This is why Malaquay strives to be the very best when it comes to ensuring that our customers can trust each and every aspect of our services. This can be seen when you notice that we strive for same day delivery for our local delivery service. That’s the type of offering that only a dedicated and successful shipping company can offer. We treat our customers as far more than just “numbers” on our computers. We extend that extra personalized touch that you will immediately recognize and appreciate. This is also the reason why we can make our company your one-stop service when it comes to every detail of your shipping needs. This way, you’ll no longer experience the headaches and hassles of searching for service people who are located in different departments or even different companies!

If you want to experience what it’s like to have one reliable company handle your local delivery service as well as every other shipping detail, from logistics planning and paperwork to warehouse securing and any other shipping need that you may have, call us now! We’ll be waiting for your call with answers to any shipping questions that you may have. So, why hesitate?

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