Outsource Warehousing

Making the Decision to Outsource Your Warehousing

outsource warehousing, temporary storage, permanent storageThere are a number of reasons why a business would want to consider the option of outsource warehousing. However, there can be the concern of maintaining high quality standards should warehousing processes be entrusted to a third party. Needless to say, if warehousing is not handled efficiently, there can be an issue with business flow and continuity as well as problems with customer satisfaction. The warehousing services provided by Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd can eliminate the concerns associated with outsourced warehouse management while being cost effective. Your company will be able to free up the resources that can be used to more fully direct your attention to its core competencies. Having an expert in the warehousing industry improve upon your storage processes is actually a way to work towards increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

At Malaquay, we are acutely aware that warehouses will vary considerably in their design and operation. Our clients appreciate our adaptability when catering to their particular requirements. These outsource warehousing and distribution requirements can include; raw materials, returns, fulfilment, finished goods, hazardous materials (DG cargo) and sensitive equipment (E.g. medical equipment). Additionally, your company can benefit from optimized and automatic inventory management. This will serve to lower the overall cost of warehousing such as manpower and rental costs.

When dealing with our warehouse personnel, you can also have the benefit of their advanced logistics, operations management and industrial engineering credentials and experience. This is something that your business might not be able to have on hand, since money will be tied up with other considerations. In the long run, outsourcing your warehouse needs with Malaquay will give you increased flexibility which can lead to greater customer satisfaction and increased profits!

Call 6659 2090 now and we will go over the logistics behind your company’s warehousing requirements. We can take a close look at how we can streamline your warehousing procedures, determine needed storage resources and create an efficient and cost-effective warehousing solution. We also provide air freight, sea freight (containerized or break bulk) and trucking services to and from global locations. You certainly don’t want to compromise efficiency and cost effectiveness! Outsource warehousing needs to Malaquay today!

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