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scrap metal shippingAlthough some people might wonder why a business would be concerned regarding the shipping of scrap metal, the answers are relatively obvious. Consider the value that has been placed on scrap metal and recycling endeavors. You can then see why companies that engage in the scrap metal business are particularly concerned with making sure that their shipments proceed on a timely and efficient schedule. This is why Malaquay Logistics has been chosen time and again when it comes to dependable international scrap metal shipping. In many cased, this involves an exceptionally large shipment that will require 20 or 40 foot containers. You will also see scrap metal shipments sent in bulk and requiring 40,000 to 45,000 MT vessels.

With Malaquay Logistics as your shipping solution, you will discover that we are interested in far more than just getting the scrap metal on board a ship with the paperwork in place. That’s because there are a lot more details involved than just filling out the paperwork and waving goodbye to the vessel! Our goal is to be your all-in-one logistics company that can handle every aspect of your scrap metal shipping that will include pickup and delivery as well as the right size containers and inspection arrangements that pertain to contaminants. This is especially important, since port authorities will randomly scan an overseas shipment in order to ensure that the cargo is free from radiation and certain chemicals. Non-compliance can mean a potential port rejection.

Additionally, you will have the benefit of dealing with just one point-of-contact for your scrap metal shipping. This not only eliminates the hassle of trying to locate and deal with multiple agents, but it also removes the annoying issue of multiple time zone contacts.

So take a moment to get in touch with us at 6659 2090 now. We will go over all of your scrap metal shipping logistics which pertain to your businesses’ current sea freight agendas and other shipping time frames. This will do away with the time and trouble that you would normally be associated with coordinating those business shipping arrangements. When it comes to trusting your freight shipping and receiving your cargo, you really don’t want to leave your company’s scrap metal shipping details to chance!

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