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What are the advantages of Malaquay Logistics sea freight services?

Sea freight services transhipment requires a completely different set of logistics expertise, as opposed to air transportation. This is the reason why it’s exceptionally important to make sure that the company you’re dealing with has knowledgeable experience in this particular type of transport. In many cases, a company offering freight service may in actuality be an air transport service who will occasionally try their hand at ocean freight logistics. This is completely unacceptable and the main reason why customers choose to work with us when it comes to their ocean freight requirements.

Why choose Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd?

When you’re shipping goods via containers that will be loaded onto a transport vessel, you expect those goods to arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Unfortunately, there can be occasions when the need to meet a schedule requirement will override the careful handling that you would expect from your sea freight service. This is usually directly related to poor logistics or delays that involve improper customs procedures, incomplete paperwork and other overlooked items. Malaquay Logistics’ strengths come from our experience and knowledge of global sea freight requirements.

What Sea Freight Services are available?

With Malaquay Logistics’ sea freight services, we can take any potential delay into consideration and plan accordingly. This is extremely important, because different parts of the world can present different potential delay factors. It’s certainly not a “one size fits all” business! Our expertise will readily become apparent when we discuss with you the logistics pertaining to each one of your shipments. This includes the use of appropriate vessels all the way to the expected weather conditions and climate-controlled warehousing if you need to outsource your cargo storage.

Additionally, one of our goals for our sea freight services is to also provide our clients the best and most cost-effective pricing. This is something that we achieve through our experience and intimate knowledge of quality shipping options that don’t require the highest prices on the market. This is especially fortuitous since the most expensive options are definitely not always the best options. We’re looking to acquire repeat and long-term clients who know that they won’t find a better deal elsewhere.

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