Shipping Medical Equipment

Safely Shipping Your Medical Equipment

logistics for medical devicesLack of medical equipment availability can cost a company money and can result in poor customer relations. This is the reason why companies choose Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd when it comes to shipping medical equipment. In a case where an imaging machine or a piece of diagnostic equipment is out of order, the primary concern relates to the amount of time that is involved with safely receiving or shipping, since time will be of the essence. When you’re receiving medical equipment, whether it’s implant titanium pins, pacemakers or artificial heart valves or parts to medical machinery, you need to have that equipment shipped to you immediately! Malaquay Logistics understands that there can be no compromise when it comes to expediency and safety.

Shipping Medical equipment is one of our many capabilities. Because of our customer’s need for fast and efficient shipping, we provide a single point of contact, which eliminates the need to waste time trying to get current information regarding your medical device shipment. Our access to air, land and sea freight options will assure that you will receive the absolute best set of equipment shipping services and logistics. We provide a huge network of personnel who have experience with the proper protocols needed for moving sensitive medical and hospital equipment. The end result is the safe transportation according to your urgent deadline.

In addition to shipping medical equipment, Malaquay also provides warehousing services that will make sure you can keep inventory near your location. This is the type of service that sets us apart from other medical devices shipment specialists. Also, with our close relationship with warehouses throughout the globe, we can ensure that you have after-hours access so that you will be able to access your equipment where and when it’s needed.

Call 6659 2090 today and we’ll sit down and review the logistics that are necessary for your company’s medical equipment shipping and warehousing needs. At the same time, we can help you with an approach to your medical shipping procedures which will be designed to make your importing/exporting and storage less stressful. You certainly don’t want to leave your medical equipment shipping arrangements to chance!

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