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freight to sri lankaIf you take a poll of businesses and ask them what they consider to be the most aggravating, but important aspect of their business, you will undoubtedly find “shipping and/or receiving” high up on the list. The reasons are easily apparent. These tasks require constant monitoring and can involve a number of logistical concerns. In addition, transportation schedules are constantly changing as well as logistics legal requirements. The most difficult aspect relates to the stress that can develop when it comes to the effects of a poor shipping experience for your customers. In another words, a lot is riding on the accuracy and dependability of your shipping and receiving. The outcome of undependable logistics can easily result in problems related to a company’s reputation and its ability to retain clients and obtain additional customers. These concerns can weigh heavily on a business owner’s mind when there is so much at stake. Fortunately, many companies have eliminated problems with shipping and receiving by allowing Malaquay Logistics Pte Ltd to take care of all their shipping to Sri Lanka.

Whether your company ships to Colombo, Moratuwa, Negombo, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia or other Sri Lanka destinations, it makes sense to utilise the professionalism of our freight Sri Lanka service options. Our importing and exporting services include far more than just having your cargo and freight sent out to a ship or plane. Our services can begin with carefully outlined logistics that are designed to be both expedient and cost effective. We can provide documentation assistance, appropriate containers, warehouse facilities, land transportation and other shipping options that will make your freight and cargo requirements affordably covered.

Shipping to Sri Lanka is only a small fraction of what we do. That’s because we can extend our freight/shipping services to any destination in the world. We also give you just one contact point which eliminates time zone issues and waiting to get in touch with the “right” person in order to handle your concerns.

So call us today and make your Sri Lanka air freight and sea freight far simpler with a level of accuracy that you and your customers will appreciate.

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