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Taking Advantage of a “One Contact” Location for Your Trucking Services

Trucking services, land transportation services, cargo delivery servicesOne of the most difficult aspects of arranging and following up on your shipping requirements directly relates with having to deal with multiple personnel contacts for trucking services. This can turn a relatively straightforward cargo trucking exercise into a logistics problem that can potentially lead to costly errors. These errors can lead to loss of future business from your customers and negative feedback which can be devastating to your organization’s reputation. At the very least, it can add an extra level of stress to your shipping procedures. This is especially true when dealing with large international freight forwarding companies with multiple departments and a sizable employee workforce. However, with Malaquay Logistics, your communication would be limited to a single point of contact. By only needing to communicate with that single individual, tracking cargo trucking details and timeframes becomes a more streamlined process.

Another advantage, that Malaquay is noted for providing, has to do with our reputation for ensuring that our customers can rely on us to provide world class land trucking services that are second to none. In simple terms, it means that cargo which is entrusted to us arrives safe and on time. In today’s competitive marketing environment, your business can’t afford to take risks with product transportation. In this regard, our record speaks for itself.

In addition, Malaquay Logistics is also noted for pinpoint accuracy and timeliness when it comes to adhering to the schedules of trucking services that we have set up with our clients. These schedules are designed through a complete understanding of our customer’s goals and working closely with our clients to achieve those objectives. This strict devotion to quality has resulted in quite a few repeat customers, valuable referrals and exceptional feedback.

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