What Is A Bill of Lading

A Bill of Lading is a significant document in the process of international shipping. It is also known as B/L or sometimes BoL. This legal-binding document is issued by the carrier of the goods. You can call a Bill of Lading as a guarantee to the shipper to get the money and as a receipt for the consignee to receive the goods.

If you are involved in the trade of shipping any amount of goods, from one country to another, using a water way, a Bill of Lading is obligatory for you. B/L works like a contract as well. Moreover, a completed B/L denotes that the carrier has received the cargoes and is required to deliver the same in good circumstance to the ultimate consignee.

The description used on a Bill of Lading is critical. It is, however, difficult for a layman to understand the terms of the industry.  But there is a process and it has to go through the actions of personnel. It has to comply with all through the entire routing process of the shipment. That includes the destination where the freight is going to, the number of packages it contain, the payment term of the B/L etc.

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